What do we do? Well, we decided to base web hosting on a open source software model. You have a open source software project? Free software project? Perhaps you are a non profit organisation.

If you match any of the below criteria, then sign up today.

  • Open Source project
  • Free software project
  • Non profit organisation
  • Personal website
  • Non profit project
  • Any one requiring a website, that do not earn a profit.

We do not provide low end hosting, that other free web hosting companies provide. Our hosting is what you would normally get charged around £4.99/$6.99 per month. Our provider is one of the largest hosting providers in the UK. Your account will get the same resources all other customers, who pay them for the hosting get.

So we guess, you are wondering why? Well, we hope you like the service that much you will donate some money, that is our business model. We will work on donations only, if you like us and our services, donate some money. If not, that is fine, just keep using our services as long as you like.

We have Linux or Windows based hosting for you to choose from, so please go ahead and sign up!

We do additionally do VPS and dedicated server hosting a competitive prices, please contact us for more information.